1. BTS BLOG: Sunrise in the USA - NYC

    We made it! But only just!
    Tired and delirious was probably the best way to describe the mood of the crew. It was around 1am when we arrived in NYC.  But we had made it through the week! From LA to NYC – five cities in five days.  There was a real sense of achievement amongst the crew.  I was amazed we did this many flights with so many people and so much luggage and we didn’t lose anyone, or any bags! The weather crew did miss their flight from Orlando to NYC so they had to reschedule and arrive the morning of the show - but that was the only flight missed!

    We were so excited to be in NYC that we didn’t go to bed as soon as we got to our hotel.. and over a 3:00am snack at a 24 hour diner, Kochie, Sam, Beretts and the gang plotted the next big mission.  (Nat had gone to get some beauty sleep!).  What could we do next?
    Despite looking ahead, we had one more show.  And this time, we were out of the blazing sun and in an air-conditioned studio.  Studio 1A at NBC – the home of our sister show Today.  (Ironic isn’t it?)  Most of the Aussie crew on this trip were real TV nerds – so there was a sense of feeling overwhelmed at being inside the studio we’d been watching over the years. This was the big time!  NBC Today at Rockefeller!  It didn’t get much better than this.  And our very own Cash Cow was a huge hit.  The NBC American crew ended up taking photos with her! They thought she was the best thing ever!  I suspect they may be getting a cash cow soon.
    So many Aussies turned up throughout the week on the road - I must say that was one of the highlights for me. We love your dedication. Thank you so much for watching too back home.  The ratings showed us that you loved it!  We are so proud to make this show for all of you. What a week!
    Here’s to the next Sunrise Road Trip!!


  2. BTS BLOG: Sunrise in the USA - Miami

    Everyone was in a little bit of a fluster in Miami today.

    I’ve never seen so many producers, cameramen and tech guys hanging


    From my perspective it wasn’t a hard day at the office! There are worse

    things I could be doing.

    By now you gathered that we made it to Miami. Boy, were we lucky! But the

    flight crew was not happy Jan! It was an icy flight to say the least.

    Now, back to the models.

    They were good sports - we made them do all sorts of silly things including rubbing sunscreen on the Cash Cow! As Miss Samantha said, that Cash Cow has been a bit of a trash bag on this trip! I wonder what she’s going to get up to in New York City!

    And that’s where we’re heading. The Big Apple. Broadcasting live from the NBC Today Show studio at Rockefeller Plaza.  If you’re a TV nerd, this is a BIG deal. The US crew travelling with us told me, nobody gets to broadcast from that studio.  And as part of little breakfast TV show from Australia, we feel pretty chuffed about that. I’ll let you in on a little secret, they’ve even allowed us to drill two holes in the wall of their studio so we can cable to our truck parked outside! They’ll have a permanent reminder that Sunrise was there!

    Anyway, we’re still flying and it’s midnight. Watch tomorrow as Kochie gets to do something he’s never done before and we have an incredible birthday surprise for Sam!

    Until next time, 

    Chief of Staff


  3. BTS BLOG: Sunrise in the USA - Texas

    Yee haa!

    Howdy partner! Arriving in Fort Worth well after 1am, most of the crew was a little weary. But not too weary to go to the White Elephant Saloon! Sam got a little more attention than she bargained for. Some cowboy put his card in the pocket of her pants! Seriously this place is like stepping back into the Wild West! It’s very cool.

    The set was hot today. Probably, hotter than Vegas. At one stage, when Kochie was in the stage coach, I thought he was going to pass out! The trick was wetting bandanas in ice cold water and keeping them around  Kochie and Sam’s neck.  We did anything to keep them cool. And phew, they made it through the three hours, just.

    So, after the show we were off again. First on a bus with pizza and beer for dinner. Then delayed in the airport for our flight to Miami. 

    Now, I’m guessing you’ve all watched the movie Home Alone?

    After finally boarding the plane, I had a real “KEVIN!!!” moment.

    We were sitting on the plane ready to take off from Dallas to Miami. It was me, Nic our floor manager, Dacien our OB supervisor, Julie our promotions manager, Gray our production manager, and Leigh one of our cameramen. Then I heard the captain say what most of us usually don’t take much notice of: “The forward door is now closed”. What????


    Where is everyone? No Kochie. No Sam. No Nat. No Beretts. No cameramen, producers, make up artist, director! No Executive Producer!

    I bolted straight up to the head flight attendant to let him know we were missing people. I argued with him to open the door. It did cross my mind that I should do it myself. But he just looked at me, and chewing gum with his mouth open said in his southern drawl: “I can’t do that for you ma’am”. I knew they were just on the other side of the door! Let them in! Let them in! I decided to sit down when I realised I might get arrested! 

    During the commotion Dacien was calling our booking agent in Australia trying to get them all on another flight. We were missing 2/3 of our crew! It was not like we could do the show in Miami without them! “Sunrise — with Dacien and Monica” — doesn’t really have the same ring to it! 

    We remained in limbo, helpless, for what seemed like an eternity. Why won’t they just let them on the plane?!  


    Chief of Staff






  4. BTS BLOG: Sunrise in the USA - LA

    We hoped you like the show in LA - boy it was hot! And Vegas is 40 degrees!  

    I’ve warned the girls to wear thongs instead of heels - it’s too hard to look glamorous in that kind of heat!

    Right at this moment, it’s 3:30am.  We’ve had a big day, and an even bigger night. 

    It was the first flight where the crew was altogether travelling to a destination.  LA to Vegas. It felt like we were going to camp.  We have to do a roll call on every bus trip, in case we forgot someone.  I’m sure we will leave somebody behind during this crazy week! 

    The flight was super quick.  I could see Sam had a little snooze, Beretts too.  Kochie tinkered away on his Ipad.  But Nat got the best flight of all.  She was stuck down the back of the aircraft with, shall we say, some very unsavoury characters.  Their topic of conversation isn’t for breakfast TV, but if you ever see Nat, ask her about the couple sitting behind her on the Las Vegas flight - OMG - it was an eye opener! 

    Vegas was super busy - busier than normal if you can believe that.  They told me it’s one of their busiest weekends of the year.  All our planned shoots last night went wrong!  We were late getting to one and had to cancel, after they waited for us for half an hour.   We almost missed the opportunity to control the iconic Bellagio fountain!  We made it with about 15 minutes to spare. What was really cool was seeing the guys up on a Vegas billboard! 

    Day two of the road trip - and I think most of us have hit the wall - it’s happened a tad early! How are we going to make it the rest of the way?!

    About to head to the set!

    Time to mic up!


    Despicable Me Minions!

    Our uh-mazing set at Universal Studios Hollywood


    Vegas baby!


    Light travellers!

    Blue Steel!

    The Bellagio Water Show


  5. BTS BLOG: Sunrise in the USA

    Well, it’s been a hectic couple of months but soon our epic US road trip will begin!
    The final day of preparation didn’t come without last minute glitches, including the complete melt down of our autocue machine. (Otherwise known as a teleprompter)
    Just what we needed!!

    When we do OBs in Australia, the crew is up super early and on site by about 3am.
    But we all get a little sleep in on this one - 8am is the call time - much more civilized, I think.
    That’s a good thing, given we all had a little get together dinner last night, and some (who shall remain nameless) partied on - Samantha? Edwina?  
    I’m also bit worried about our director Brian.  He was last seen in the womens toilets!  Oops! Wrong door Brian.  The mens sign is the same in the US as it is in Australia, you know. Luckily Nat steered him in the right direction.

    Anyway, we’re still putting the finishing touches on our first show of the USA road trip.  Boy, have we got some fun stuff planned - wait ‘til you see our take on Beverley Hills 90210!  Kochie, Sam, Nat, Beretts and Eddy take on the big hair and 90s fashion to rediscover their teens. It’s very funny.

    And the hosts took a special behind the scenes tour of Universal Studios Hollywood, catching up with the minions from Despicable Me and Bumblebee from Transformers.  They even had a go at indoor sky diving. I’m not sure Kochie enjoyed it, but hey, at least we didn’t try to push him off a cliff this time.

     Everyone has to set a cracking pace this week, there’ll be no rest!  Immediately after the LA show, we fly to Las Vegas!  Do you know they have internet on the planes over here? It’s so good!
    Here’s hoping the autocue is fixed!
    Thanks for watching!


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