1. "We’re relieved and delighted to come to the end of this saga. I’d like to thank Mr Tipple, without whose strength, tenacity and unrelenting persistence we would not have been able to fight so hard and for so long and with him his lovely wife Cherie because all women know where there are broad shoulders, there’s a lovely lady behind.

    No longer will Australians be able to say that dingoes are not dangerous and only attack if provoked. We live in a beautiful country but it is dangerous and we would ask all Australians to be aware of this and take appropriate precautions and not wait for somebody else to do it for them."

    Statement made by Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton upon exiting the Darwin Magistrates Court. The coroner delivered a finding that declared a dingo was responsible for baby Azaria’s death 32 years ago.

    (Source: j.mp)

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