1. Eddy is a big fan of snakes… can you tell?

    FULL VIDEO: http://j.mp/12JFOHc


  2. Taronga Zoo staff joined us this morning to launch their For The Wild campaign seeking to protect rare elephants in Thailand.
    Luckily, they didn’t bring an elephant to our studio but instead an echidna and a crocodile.


  3. 4-metre (12-foot) snake found in children’s bedroom - Welcome to Australia (by SunriseOn7)

    "It makes possums look like pussy cats"


  4. (via NEWS anchor injured by dog during morning show)

    Kyle Dyer was interviewing Max, an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff, his owner, and a firefighter, who rescued Max from an icy pond on Tuesdaywhen she was bitten in the face.

    Doug Kelley, the director of Denver Animal Care and Control, says Max’s owner will be cited for three things: because the dog bit someone, for a leash-law violation because the owner did not have control of the dog at all times, and for not having Max vaccinated for rabies.

    Kelley says Max is not showing signs of rabies.



  6. Bizarre video going around our office…


  7. First shots in of croc catch in Cairns’ main street. Yes, the catcher is wearing thongs.


  8. "… The group carried three canisters of bear spray, but there was no initial indication that the hikers used the repellent, Palmer said.”


  9. The onair momet that many viewers said made them jump out if their seat. An NT Crocodile snaps meat from Grant Denyer this morning. #australia #wild #animals (Taken with instagram)


  10. Adopted polar bear thinks he’s a person! Watch video